City lights, GoPros and bike parties. Photo by Andy Robinson

City lights, GoPros and bike parties. Photo by Andy Robinson


Videographer, photographer, storyteller and full-time adventurer.

I craft visual stories, whether through video or photo, short and long-form, with a unique eye for detail and ability to connect with subjects. Currently working with Above Summit in Somerville. During my work with, from January to September 2015, I produced more than 50 video, photo and a couple written stories, like the youth boxing program in South Boston that I spent months working on.

Born in South Florida, raised in Northwest India, and educated in Oregon, I have many homes. And Boston is my latest. I graduated in 2014 from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, with an English Lit minor.

Before graduating from university, my professors took me to all sort of crazy places for short and long-form documentary projects, like San Diego, for a recruiting event; to Paris, for a press freedom documentary project; to Montana, for a documentary project on a flood in the Blackfeet Reservation; and to Alaska, for a climate change journalism project, which received first place in 2016 from the Hearst Multimedia Awards in the Multimedia Team Competition. In addition, I've published 26 news packages between KVAL and KATU, Oregon publications in Eugene and Portland.

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You can find me at or @GuruAmarK